We hope that you enjoy your visit to Wild.org.uk Official Website – one of the top Wildlife domains. This site will give you an insight into the part the Wildlife¬† in helping to protect the world’s natural heritage. You will find a wealth of information about our Wildlife including maps and pages that give animal facts on the wildlife we care for.

There are many top Wildlife Parks which attract visits around England. One of its aims is to create environments in which animals can behave as naturally as possible. New exhibits are designed to allow the animals to express natural behaviours seen in the wild.

The Wildlife Park helps to increase awareness and understanding of the natural world. Like nature, it offers a diversity of habitats – the landscape and wildlife are constantly changing to provide something new to see and enjoy. The parks educational programme for schools and groups, working closely with Somerset Education Authorities to provide a vital source of information on various topics.

An essential role of the Park is the conservation of threatened species. Through its captive breeding programmes, it plays an important part in the international effort to conserve rare and endangered species. We also contribute to ‘in the wild’ conservation by raising funds and awareness of the animals’ plight.

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